Tyga Careless World: Rise of the Last King Album Review

Tyga’s first official album on YMCMB has slowly built up a buzz over the last few months with his constant features and his hit “Rack City”. So it was no surprise to see his album get leaked last week. The leak was somewhat surprising as the album sounds pretty solid. The term “hard work pays off” should definitely become his motto because he worked very hard over the years and it has paid off with this album.

Before Tyga dropped his very popular “#bitchimtheshit” mixtape, he told his fans that this was the party music and the album would be more of a story including all of his emotions. Check out the tracklisting below,

01 Careless World
02 Lil Home f. Pharrell
03 Muthafu*ka Up f. Nicki Minaj
04 Echoes Interlude
05 Do It All
06 I’m Gone f. Big Sean
07 For The Fame f. Chris Brown & Wynter Gordon
08 Birdman Interlude
09 Potty Mouth f. Busta Rhymes
10 Faded f. Lil Wayne
11 Rack City
12 Black Crowns
13 Celebration f. T-Pain
14 Far Away f. Chris Richardson
15 Mystik aka Mado Kara Mieru Interlude
16 This Is Like f. Robin Thicke
17 Kings & Queens f. Wale & Nas
18 Let It Show f. J. Cole
19 Love Game
20 Lay You Down f. Lil Wayne
21 Light Dreams f. Marsha Ambrosius

The standout track are,

#1 Careless World
“Careless World” begins with a very significant attention grabber. A heavenly female voice will immediatly catch your ear as Tyga speaks on his road to become a king. That’s where the first beat comes in and Tyga starts spitting lyrics like “I can’t get caught in the streets I was taught ,Raised off anger, but it wasn’t my fault”. The production changes once more after the second hook and ends with a few inspirational words by Martin Luther King. Brilliantly executed.

#2 Lil Homie feat. Pharrell Williams
We all know Pharrell, and he rarely disappoints. On this song he sings about a man who faces distractions and needs to stay focused on his “shit”. Tyga is that man and he takes you on a journey filled with distractions, but he remains focused.

#3 Muthafucka Up feat. Nicki Minaj
One of the highly anticipated collaborations of the album, obviously because of the enormous hype surrounding Minaj. This track is a guaranteed banger wich Tyga compared to “A Milli” by Wayne. It’s not really anything like the song but the beat is fantastic and it’s just meant to be a little ratchet. The only question is “Was Nicki needed?” nonetheless a dope track.

#6 I’m Gone ft Big Sean
The stand out track on the album. With the rift growing bigger by the day between GOOD Music and YMCMB because of Lil Wayne and Kanye West’s “Beef”, Tyga collaborates with Big Sean over the Boi-1da produced track and it doesn’t disappoint. Tyga and Big Sean both flow over the beat nicely as Big Sean raps “Always got the paycheck, Never took a pay cut, Payday will be worth all the broke nights I stayed up, So in my cup I’m mixing up whatever dreams are made of”

#7 For The Fame feat. Chris Brown & Wynter Gordon
Tyga made a lot of fans curious when he said the song he and Chris Brown had for CW was “bigger than Deuces”. Nonetheless the track is very radio friendly and sounds like a hit, but as big as “Deuces”? No way. The disappointing thing about the song is the fact Tyga is kind of pushed into the background as Brown & Gordon completly take over the record.

Overall this album is a surprise and is very solid, especially the production which is above par. The amount of features on an album normally takes away from the main artist but in this case it shows Tyga fits well with the guests and occasionally outshines them.

Rating: 7/10

2 thoughts on “Tyga Careless World: Rise of the Last King Album Review

    • ymcmb bought most of that shit thmeeslf! c4 sold 900,000 the first week n second just 100,000? how suspect does it gets? n it looked like wayne wasnt happy at all bout c4, so why he aint happy, if it did that good? cause he know shit is fake! lol at boo boo 4 only gettin atention nowadays if he talks bout other guys.

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